China Corruption crackdown hunts both big Fish & Small flies

China Corruption crackdown hunts both big Fish & Small flies

China, unlike the U.S, is fighting aggressively against corruption; to date, they punished approximately 300,000 officials for Corruption last year.  At this pace, we can expect several hundred thousand to be prosecuted this year, and some of them will definitely be high-level members.

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In the U.S, not one banker has been jailed since the financial crisis of 2008, despite the boatloads of damming evidence found that could easily be used to send dozens of bankers to Jail. The slogan in Wall Street now is “big crime pays, so make sure it’s really big”. Congress is promoting an environment of rot and sloth and the only person left holding the can will the average Joe.

In the short term, China’s crackdown will add to volatility, but this volatility will provide the astute investor with a splendid buying opportunity.

The Chinese government has stated that they will continue with this probe, and the intention of stamping out corruption is so that it helps create wealth for ordinary Chinese by removing corrupt officials from the equation.  Over 400,000 Civil servants were disciplined in 2013 and 2014 over corruption issues.

This Video takes a look at the greed and recklessness that lead to the financial crises of 2008 and how Congress has done nothing to address the main issues that lead to the meltdown


Game Plan

Long term China makes for a great buy. our paid subscribers will be provided with an exact list of stocks to purchase and when they should jump in. As soon as our trend indicator turns bullish we will be jumping in. We are currently looking to open a few small positions as some companies are now trading at mouth-watering levels.

Create a list of stocks you would like to own, focus on companies with strong growth and ones that have pulled back nicely.  Then deploy your money in small amounts; do not rush in but take several nibbles as opposed to one huge bite.

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