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Psychology of Swear Words: Why Do People Curse

Psychology of Swear Words The news site tasked government-relations software company GovPredict with tallying up how many times politicians used obscene language online since 2014. And obscene words (not including “sh— and “f—”) have hit an all-time high of 1,225 instances on Twitter so far in 2019, compared with 833 in all of 2018. (For … Read more

Swedish Currency: Worst Currency But Outlook Could Turnaround

Swedish Currency Outlook According to Bloomberg, the Swedish currency is one of the worst-performing major currencies. Let’s stop here for a minute as mass psychology states that when the masses despise something, some sort of turnaround is not too far in the making.   The Krona has slumped to an 8-month low and the primary reason … Read more

CNN Ratings Continue To Slide In 2019

CNN Ratings Continue To Slide When you don’t follow the trend and give people what they want, this is the end result. Most Polls indicate that while the majority of Americans don’t view Trump in a favourable light, most of them are not in favour of impeaching Trump. Despite the embarrassing spectacle of Special Counsel … Read more

Nickel Has Put In A long Term Bottom; What’s Next?

Nickel: Is This The Begining of A new Bull Market If you look at a shorter-term chart 1-3 years, it looks like the main move is underway already. However, looking at a ten-year chart, we can see that Nickel is at an important junction. It needs to close above 1100 on a monthly basis; failure … Read more

AI revolution: AI Set To Change The Course of Human History Forever

The coming AI revolution The game cyberpunk 2077 is going to revolutionize the playing field. There have already been cases of people playing games until they dropped dead. Now move to the next stage where people will be lost in an alternate reality; they will do anything to get back into this alternate reality. It’s … Read more

Police State: This Is What America Is Turning into

Police State where the individual means nothing  “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless … Read more

Semiconductor stocks: China’s is poaching Talent at breakneck speed

Semiconductor stocks and China So far China’s approach to playing catch up is to poach talent and the main victim of these attacks appears to TSMC. “Chinese companies are offering two to three times [Taiwanese engineers’] current salaries to work for them,” said an unnamed Taiwanese engineer in a recent interview with Japanese media Nikkei. In … Read more

AMD vs Intel: Who Will Dominate the Landscape going forward

AMD vs Intel; Can AMD maintain its advantage? “INTC has lost the leadership in process technology, its key differentiation, and it is losing momentum,” he wrote in a research report published Tuesday. “We continue to be more pessimistic about INTC gross margins as its competitive position is eroding and yields for 10nm are likely to … Read more

Fiat Currency: Instruments of Mass Destruction

Fiat Currency; The Root Of all Evil This article was extracted from the March 19, 2019 Market Update. We are entering a new paradigm; get used to forever QE, though it will be given other names along the journey to make it appear more palatable. The US and by default worldwide debt is set to … Read more

Mind Games; Altering The Crowds Mindset

Mind Games & Perceptions We are going to address the issue of the human psyche, and how the top players utilise this data to relentless manipulate the masses. What people do not understand is that emotions and perceptions shape us in more ways than they are given credit for. The top players use this knowledge … Read more