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Ridesharing Wars Equates To Death Of Car Rental Companies

Ridesharing Wars; Apps vs car rental companies There is a war going on in the ground transportation sector.  More business travellers are using Uber versus renting a car, and this trend is not likely to end soon.  Uber and lyft garnered 68% of the ground transport expenses, with uber alone accounting for 56%. The Taxi … Read more

Alt-right continues to gain traction in Europe in 2018

We are not in favour of the Alt-right, or left movement; we think both groups are being fed with corrupt data.  The path that is least trodden is the path that is the right one. In this case, the right path is the middle, but 90% will choose the left or the right so there … Read more

Here’s A Guide To Spotting Fake Amazon Reviews

Online reviews can be useful when you can’t see, touch, or try products before you buy them, like you can in a store — but they’re often manipulated by opportunistic third-party sellers, especially in Amazon’s highly competitive marketplace where positive reviews are their best chance to stand out. While bogus reviews don’t necessarily mean a … Read more

An American Missionary Killed While Illegally Visiting A Remote Tribe

John Middleton Ramsey, 22, remembers his friend, John Chau, 26, telling him about his plan to travel to the Andaman Islands in India to try and teach the remote Sentinelese tribe about Jesus Christ two years ago. Last week, Chau arrived on North Sentinel Island. Tribe members, who remain completely disconnected from the outside world, … Read more

Types Of Tourism: Sex Tourism on the Rise After #MeToo

Types Of Tourism: MeToo and sex tourism It looks like there various types of tourism and one that seems to be gainig traction is sex tourism. TIJUANA, Mexico — Hookerfucker1, as he’s known on Reddit, is like a lot of the men who come from the US to Tijuana looking for sex. Single and in … Read more

Florida’s Messy Senate Recount Is Over And The Republican Has Won

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida — Florida Gov. Rick Scott has won the close and tense Florida race for US Senate over the incumbent, Sen. Bill Nelson, after a hand recount ended on Sunday. The state is slated to certify the results on Tuesday, putting to bed a messy post-election dispute involving a dozen lawsuits, claims of … Read more