Brexit Worked: Unemployment claimants Dropped In July


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The real problem is that there are college students that don’ want to work and want to go to the best colleges money can buy and the parents are encouraging this. What happened to the day you went to the college you could afford, and you worked to pay for all of it or, at least, helped your parents.  The problem lies with the parents and the kids; the parents are encouraging this insolent and “it’s all about me behaviour” and that is why we live in a dog eat dog world today.

What made the baby boomers great and all those that came to the U.S decades ago? Everyone worked hard; there were no handouts, today’s generations wants the best of the best, but they do not want to pay for it.When the going gets tough, many college students decide to take the easy way out and have no qualms about selling themselves to sugar daddies to pay for their college. Sounds like such a sad story, until you realise these spoilt brats want the best of the best for doing nothing. Simple Common Sense Fix Ends Student Debt Problem

As figures from the Office for National Statistics also showed another fall in unemployment and a new record high of the number in work in the quarter to June, analysts warned that the reduction in the claimant count could be anomaly because firms could not legally make people redundant in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote.
The UK unemployment rate, currently the lowest since 2005 at 4.9 per cent, is expected to rise to anywhere between 5.5-6.5 per cent as a result of the referendum outcome.
ONS data showed that, in the second quarter of this year, 1.64 million Britons were unemployed, down 52,000 on Q1 and 207,000 lower than a year earlier. Meanwhile, the employment rate reached a record high of 74.5 per cent with 31.8 million in work – up 172,000 on the previous quarter. The claimant count in July fell by 8,600 to 763,000. Job vacancies were down 7,000 between May and July to 741,000 while average earnings increased by 2.4 per cent in the year to June.
David Freeman, ONS statistician, said, “The labour market continued on a strong trend in the second quarter of 2016, with a new record employment rate. However, little of today’s data cover the period since the result of the EU referendum became known, with only claimant count and vacancies going beyond June – July for the former and May-July for the latter.” Read more

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