Boogergate; Ted Cruz eats Booger own booger on Live TV

Boogergate; Ted Cruz eats Booger own booger on Live TV

Ted Cruz has been battling to take the spotlight from Trump and during the last Republican debate. To put it mildly, Ted Cruz decided to make a gourmet meal of his own booger. Viewers were shocked when they saw what appeared to be a white piece of snot on Ted’s lower lip. Viewers forgot about the issue at hand and instead directed their gaze towards Ted’s booger. Finally, Ted noticed the booger also, and instead of wiping it off; he decided to launch an attack on Trump hoping that tirade would distract viewer’s attention while he quickly munched on the Booger. Watch the Video; it is disgusting, to say the least. Making matters worse is that he looked directly at the cameras while chomping down on this disgusting booger. Ted Cruz for President not; Ted Cruz for Janitor Yes.

Let’s stop and think about this for a moment, do we really want a president who has eaten his own boogers. Boogers are a form of waste and so, in essence, it is telling us that this guy is capable of doing anything, including eating crap to get what he wants. Using mass psychology, we can clearly state that Ted Cruz is not the person you want to be your president. He has been busted lying and now he has been busted eating his own crap. He could have easily stopped pulled out a handkerchief and wiped that booger away; instead, he choose to swallow that crap. Now he will be known as Lying and Disgusting Ted

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