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Barrack Gumbo Obama Thrown to the Curb by China; Putin Embraced

Barrack Gumbo Obama Thrown to the Curb by China; Putin Embraced 


Barack Obama snubbed on the tarmac arrival at China G20

President Barack Obama emerged from his plane and walked straight into a row over being “snubbed” when he arrived at the G20 summit in China – after he stepped from the aircraft’s built-in staircase without a ‘red carpet’ welcome. All the other world leaders appeared to have been welcomed to the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou in traditional diplomatic style, treading onto a red carpet laid on a rolling airport staircase positioned outside the main exit of the aircraft.

Mr Obama, however, instead used Air Force One’s smaller exit as he arrived on his final tour of Asia, sparking suggestions that he had been snubbed by his Chinese hosts. His arrival at the airport also witnessed heated exchanges between the US and Chinese officials, after US reporters travelling with the president were told to move.”This is our country! This is our airport!” shouted one Chinese official at a White House staffer. Full story

No one would have ever believed that so many nations would go out of their way to insult America. Insulting the President of the US is the same thing as taking on the U.S.  This trend illustrates that the US has lost its dominant position in the world and that no matter who wins the next election that position will not change. Russia was pushed too far, and Putin is a master Chess player. As we have stated before, Russians have a strange Psyche; they keep quiet for a long time, and it is very hard to tell where they have drawn their red line. Hence, the best strategy is not to provoke them unnecessarily.  Russia kept quiet for a very long time, but the US crossed that invisible Red line, and after that, it was all downhill. Once the Russian bear has woken, it will not stop until it hunts its prey down.

China completely humiliated Obama, no red carpet and on top of that, a simple official tells Obama’s staffer that this is our country, to remind him of how unimportant he is to China.  Then shortly after that Putin arrives and he is given the Royal treatment.  China respects power and Putin emanates power. He has not abused Russia’s power unwisely, and he has gone out of his way to build-bridges with Asia; Europeans will soon start gravitating back to Russia.

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