Are 70% of Trump’s Attendees Women

 Are 70% of Trump’s Attendees Women

Article after article is being written that women, in general, seem to dislike Trump, yet you see a lot of women at Trumps rallies. Is the press distorting or purposely manipulating the data. Given the way the hardcore corrupt Republicans hate him and have done everything to discredit him, it seems that perhaps the media is over highlighting Donald’s woes with women in the video below, Tana Goertz, states that over 70% of the attendees are women. We are not sure whether we can agree to such a high number, but it’s possible that the ratio is 50-50 or at some rallies maybe 60% women to Men.  The only way to confirm this is to reach out to you guys and see what you have to say on this topic.  Watch the video and then comment on Tweeter or our Facebook page.  We will be enabling observations shortly.

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On a separate note, a lot of noise is being made about how violent and racist Trump’s rallies are. Well here is a take from a  Black police officer who lives in Tucson, Arizona and attended one of these rallies. You will be pleasantly surprised and shocked at what insights he gained and shares on the video below. The lying press as usual, focusses on half of the story only. They wanted to create chaos and outrage as usual.


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