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American woes, worthless dollars forces USA to Engage Russia

American woes, worthless dollars forces USA to Engage Russia

One of the reasons the U.S has engaged Russia is that it has made it a mission to wean itself from the dollar.  This does not sit well with the U.S for many other nations could follow in Russia’ footsteps as it is a dominant and powerful player in the energy sector. More importantly, Russia is the only nation capable of taking on the U.S and not afraid of doing so.  Putin has stated many times that he wants to price Russian resources in multiple currencies and avoid the dollar. His contention is that the U.S creates money out of thin air and in doing so is defrauding the entire world and his point is valid.

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When Saddam started selling oil in Euro’s the US attacked Iraq shortly after that, when Libya started to state it wanted to move to selling oil in Euro’s Qaddafi was taken out.  If you look at the reasons behind any war, there is a money trail. We are the ones that have gone out of our way to change so many regimes over the past 40 years and in each case, we brought misery to the locals. It seems that these regime change wars were driven with profits in money and the welfare of the local’s was the last thing on our minds.

Let’s examine the issue from a psychological perspective

How will things play out?

Russia has clearly indicated that they will no longer be pushed by the U.S and so has China. Unfortunately for the U.S, its stupid actions pushed China and Russia into each other’s arms and this makes them invincible.  Hence, expect the number of bilateral deals conducted that bypass the dollar to increase at an exponential rate in the years to come. The dollar will be dethroned and the masses will finally see the Emperor for what he really is; a naked fat bald old man, with a huge belly, no clothes, bad breath and one that has not taken a shower for months on end.  The decline will not be as fast as the Gold bugs or hard money experts are opining about; the 1st stage will be slow and controlled but when the momentum builds up, the change of pace will be stunning. There will be no middle ground, from a crawl the fall, it will speed off like a falling star. Then end game won’t be pleasant, but don’t sit around waiting for that day, because you could be gone before it comes.  Hence, focus on today for that is all your control. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come.  There are many opportunities to latch onto while you wait for the demise of the dollar.

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