America has lost its grip on power- Russia & China now lead the way

America has lost its grip on power- Russia & China now lead the way

You might recall the term “Eurasia” from high school geography classes. The term isn’t used much anymore in political discussions in the West, but it should be. That is where the most serious geopolitical action is going to be taking place in the world as we move deeper into the 21st century. The U.S., focused so intently on “containment“ of Russia, the so-called Islamic State and China, will be missing the bigger Eurasian strategic picture.

Eurasia is the greatest landmass of the world, embracing Europe and all of Asia — some of the oldest and greatest centers of human civilization.

So what is Eurasianism? It has meant different things at different periods. A century ago, the Kissingers of the time spun theories about a deep and inevitable strategic clash between seaborne power (U.K./U.S.) and continental/land-based powers (Germany, Russia.) “Eurasia” then meant mostly Europe and western Russia. Indeed, what need was there to talk then about Asia itself? Most of Asia was underdeveloped and lay under the control of the British Empire (India, China) or the French (Indochina) and had no independent will. Japan was the only real “Asian power” — that ironically developed its own imperial designs, mimicking the West, and thus came to clash with American imperial power in the Pacific. Full Story

This is true, but we laid out these arguments over three years ago.  At this point, it is all downhill for the U.S regarding being the only superpower in the world. We are now in a multi-polar world, and there is no going back.   One of the reasons the Globalists are challenging Russia is because it is home to the largest base of natural resources in the world.  Something to keep in the back of your mind on but do not fixate on it is that we are in a stealth resource war.   Eventually, it will come out into the open, but for now its occurring in the background. Nations like Russia are setting the foundation for a system that will not only challenge the US dollar but will eventually get rid of it. When we mean get rid of it, we mean it will lose its world reserve status; once that occurs a stage of peace and tranquillity will unfold.

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