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China’s Graft-Busting Efforts an Inspiration to Africa

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China problems, Politics, Economy and Corruption

China problems: Are things getting worse The dominant features of Chinese politics in this decade have been the rise of Xi Jinping, the return of repressive autocracy, and an inconclusive effort to re-engineer China’s economic model. China’s middle class has expanded enormously but the Chinese Communist Party has yet to find a political model that … Read more

Trump and Syria

Trump and Syria: While US military says mission is to defeat Isis, president insists taking oil is fair ‘reimbursement’, but violates rules of war. US officials are struggling to explain the mission of up to a thousand US troops in Syria, who have mostly taken up positions near oil fields in response to Donald Trump’s … Read more

Gossip News Or Breaking News That Matters

Gossip News or Real News: That’s The Question Most websites are happy only to recycle gossip news and pass it off as real news.  Other sites put very catchy titles to attract eyeballs. Upon reading the article, you are left with a bad taste in your mouth and the uncontrollable urge to strike out at … Read more

The Cholesterol Hoax

 The Cholesterol Hoax Courtesy Of The By Medical Industry The media, the medical and drug sector, the food industry, and many other sectors have teamed up to sell the masses a pack of lies. And like lab rats the masses believe what they are being force-fed, instead of taking a few seconds to do one … Read more