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Social Security Ancient Systems Haven for Identity Thieves

Neil Idler Wars of the Perception  ”  Everything you process is based on Perception and perception is based on the data you are feed.  Alter the perception and you alter the outcome.  How do you even know how you even see the right picture? If all the information that you are being provided with is … Read more

The Rat Race: The American Dream-Work Until You Die

Editor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor The Rat Race Forcing staff to start work before 10 am is making employees ill, exhausted and stressed, an Oxford University researcher has claimed. Before the age of 55, the circadian rhythms of adults are completely out of sync with normal nine-to-five working hours, posing a “serious threat” to … Read more

Is The Bull Market Over? Mass Sentiment States It’s Not

Is The Bull Market Over? This Bull is far from over, in fact, by some measures it still has a long way to go before it collapses from exhaustion. Forever QE The Fed is being overly accommodative; the last rate cut was not necessary, especially with unemployment at historic lows. However, this action has nothing … Read more

Cashless Economy; heading towards Cashless Era

Editor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor Cashless Economy Before we get to the main article we think you might find this article to be of interest.   ” The one year chart illustrates that all is well on the surface and that the process of flooding the markets with hot money, in general, is working rather … Read more

Americas Wasted Food: Americans waste 33 percent of their Food

  Editor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor Americas Wasted Food Over one-third of all food produced in America goes uneaten each year, with the majority of it ending up in our landfills.1 To put this in perspective, this is the equivalent of throwing 320,000 jumbo jets worth of food directly into the landfill each year.2Reducing, … Read more

50% of Households would struggle with unexpected 400 expense

Editor: Neil Idler | Tactical Investor     Other Stories of Interest: Millennials being squeezed out of Housing Market (20 May) Problem is Fractional Reserve Banking-we don’t need Gold standard (15 May) BBC Global 30 Index Signals Dow industrial Index will trend higher (11 May) Stock Market Bull not ready to buckle (4 May) Fear mongers are parasites that … Read more

Retirement anxiety; Boomers face World of Pain

Editor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor Retirement anxiety The following article makes for a compelling read and so I thought I would highlight an excerpt of this article before getting to the story at hand: ” Naysayers and Dr’s of Gloom keep chanting the same song of doom that all paper money will cease to … Read more

47 percent of Americans Don’t have 400 Dollars

Editor: Neil Idler | Tactical Investor     Some other options to consider If you seek freedom, the 1st task is to attain financial freedom so that you can break free the clutches of the top players who seek to enslave you. They want you to run in a circle like a hamster that runs … Read more

Retirement Crisis; Most Americans Don’t Have Enough To Retire On?

Editor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor Retirement Crisis   Americans are not prepared for retirement Let’s start with private savings. At Vanguard, the average 401(k) account value for an investor age 65 and older is $192,877 in 2018, but that number is inflated by a small group of long-time super-savers. The median balance among the … Read more

Why Global Warming Is A Hoax & How Oil Giants Are Feeling The Heat

Why Global Warming Is A Hoax Consider this article for it might prove to be interesting; a small excerpt is posted below. In the past, when the yield curve inverted, the Fed did not ease up on its aggressive rate-hiking stance. The current Fed has no choice but to lower rates.  So the Fed is … Read more