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Reasons for not keeping a record of stock holdings

Reasons for not keeping a record of stock holdings At our investment service, we understand the importance of a track record in building trust with our subscribers. However, we also recognize that statistics can be misleading and used to create false impressions of good results. That’s why we offer a 30-day trial at 50% off … Read more

Democrat vs Republican: Part of the Same Deck of Cards

With the Democrats, the theme will be to help the people at any cost; in other words, pump as much money into the markets. The only difference between Democrats and Republicans is the outlet they use for pushing money into the markets, other than that they are both skunks, and it’s hard to tell which … Read more

Housing Market Outlook: Millennial’s being squeezed out

Housing Market Outlook Once upon a time, it was easy to qualify for a mortgage; all you had to do was scratch X on the signature line and have a pulse. Now things have changed, banks have moved to the other extreme of the spectrum, demanding an incredible amount of information and making lending standards … Read more

How to boost your immune system: Simple Ideas

Before we continue, I want to make it clear; we are not advocating or stating that you should take any of these supplements listed below. We are providing data for you to analyse as we always do; our stance will forever remain the same. We don’t tell people what to do, we provide data, and … Read more

Coronavirus mortality rate: Is the Media Blowing things out of proportion?

Hysteria has gripped everyone, especially in the US and its feeding on itself and when you add in stupidity and ineptitude by the elected officials, what should have been a mild situation turned into a nightmare type scenario. We are supposedly the most advanced nation on earth, but after the current debacle, one would be … Read more

The Fall and decline of the American Empire

Israel slams Russia decision to lift Iran missile ban Israel on Monday denounced Russia’s decision to lift a ban on supplying Iran with sophisticated S-300 air defence missile systems as proof of Tehran’s newfound “legitimacy” following nuclear talks.”This is a direct result of the legitimacy that Iran is receiving from the nuclear deal that is … Read more

Erdogan Political Stance

Erdogan Political Stance: Unsigned or? Updated Feb 2023 Regardless of Erdogans Political stance, he has been a highly controversial figure in recent years, and his political leanings have been the subject of much debate and scrutiny. However, the situation in Turkey has become even more volatile in the lead-up to the parliamentary elections on June … Read more

Russia’s assertive foreign policy

Russia’s assertive foreign policy Updated March 2023 The foreign policy of Russia has undergone significant changes since the Soviet era, and the country’s current foreign policy goals are challenging to define. The collapse of communism in Europe led to a new Russia that differed from the Soviet Union in several ways. For instance, the new … Read more

Shanghai Composite Index chart Is Not Painting A Nice Picture

  Fortune always fights on the side of the prudent. Critias  Aug 2019 Update Posted Towards End of the Article  Shanghai Composite Index chart Lately, one cynic after another, some of which claim to be experts are all marching to the same drumbeat.  The Chinese economy is in trouble; the Chinese markets are going to … Read more

Dollar Is Ready For Multi-Month Rally

The excerpts below extracted from Market Updates sent out to subscribers clearly illustrates that the Dollar is ready for a Multi-Month Rally………… Potentially turning into a multi-year rally. One thing every single person needs to remember is that every single bull market has experienced several strong corrections and at least one incredibly painful correction; there has … Read more