Trump Train Gathering Momentum; Latino Leaders now Support him

Trump Train Gathering Momentum; Latino Leaders now Support him

Editor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor

The following article makes for a compelling read and so I thought I would highlight an excerpt of this article before getting to the story at hand:

” Greed and recklessness continue to govern the markets; nothing was learned from the 2008 financial crisis. Hence, history is destined to repeat itself and this might occur a lot faster than most anticipate.  Fitch states that Subprime Auto bond delinquencies are at a 20 year  high.

The number of individuals who are more than 60 days late on their auto payments surged 11.6% year over year; this brings the current delinquency rate to 5.16%.  During the financial crisis of 2008, the delinquency rate peaked off at 5.04% according to fitch.    Next subprime Crisis: Auto Bond delinquencies

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  • ARA5353

    I am not really surprised that there are some Latinos who are in favor of Trump. Despite all their promises, the Democrats have not done much if anything to help them. There are Latinos in California, the Southwest and Texas who’s ancestors were residents there since before those states became part of the US and they are Americans first. There are others who are second or third generation Americans or Puerto Rican Americans who have no real ties with the countries their ancestors came from and they realize that Clinton is a threat to their future and their communities.