The Real News: the Story Behind The Story

The Real News: the Story Behind The Story

Today we live in a World where most of the news we receive is not about what is going on in the world, but more about what sells. In other words, sensationalism, and lies are sexy, so that is the theme.  Make it dramatic even if it means altering the real story; if it sells everything is on the table, even outright lies.   Government and large corporations have decided to join forces in their quest to control the masses.  As we embrace the concept of mass psychology, contrarian investing and technical analysis, our focus will be on reinterpreting the news using these themes.

Every disaster is nothing but opportunity knocking in disguise. Most slam the door on it, instead of embracing it with a warm hug. The top shadowy players eagerly wait for these pristine moments, as it provides them with opportunities to increase their net worth significantly.  Media outlets are used a tool by these masters of deception to create molehills out of mountains.  This technique has been used for generations, with deadly precision and success.  From the tulip mania to the Housing bubble and financial crash of 2008, it has never failed to generate humongous amounts of profit for those in the know. In that respect, Warren Buffet is far from the richest man on earth. He is just the richest man you know off.  The stories published here are delayed so as to protect our paying subscribers. To receive these real news updates at an even faster rate, subscribe to our free newsletter.

Real news series

Trump Moment gathering momentum-Far right Party leading in Dutch Polls (Dec 20)

Dutch Parliament Bans Burqa & hijab in Public Spaces  (Dec 18)

Even migrants think situation is bad in Germany and call on Merkel to deport radical Islamist migrants  (Dec 18)

Alibaba’s Trojan Horse Strategy for Asia is Brilliant  (Dec 10)

On The Road To Silver & Gold Mining In Mexico (Nov 23)

Plunder from Down Under- Catch the trend before it explodes (Nov 23)

The renaissance of Australian gold miners (Nov 23)

Trump chooses Breitbart’s Bannon and the blowback is swift (Nov 17)

While manufacturing jobs decline, government jobs expand (Nov 17)

West Virginia officials under fire for Michelle Obama ape in heels comment  (Nov 17)

Russia considers opening military base in Cuba to counter US aggression (Nov 15)

War Weary Libyans would welcome life under Kaddafi (Nov 15)

Finally Dopey Hollande Admits Islam Problematic for France (Nov 15)

Leftists will hate this; Muslim woman explain why she voted for Trump (Nov 14)

Panama Scandal-hit Planed by Soros worlds biggest Criminal  (Nov 12)

End Game-FBI States no Connection between Trump & Russia  (Nov 1)

Putin to Obama Administration-we know how to tell each other to F**K off (Oct 26)

Trump is causing Total Meltdown of the System-they can’t control him  (Oct 26)

Hillary Desperate for Presidency-falsely Portraying Putin as Enemy (Oct 26)

Day of reckoning drawing closer: Central banks dump record amount of US debt (Oct 20)

Former High Ranking NSA Official States NSA Hacked DNC Not Russia (Oct 20)

Real Polls illustrate Trump Polling at two-thirds; Hillarys support is fabricated (Oct 15)

Greenspan favours repealing Dodd-Frank Bank Law Repealed (Oct 15)

America terrified of new Russia-China alliance as it now challenges US dollar supremacy  (Oct 15)

How Saudi Arabia Financed Global Terror; this nation should be attacked & not Iran (Oct 15)

Wikileaks Timeline of Hillary’s lies-Illustrates Media lying through its teeth (Oct 15)

Most Damning Clinton Wikileaks Emails Released Show Disdain for Americans (Oct 12)

Erdogan releases 5 suspects sentenced to life in prison for Killing Christians immediately  (Oct 12)

Radical Erdogan Builds 9000 Mosques & Bans Christian Liturgy (Oct 11)

Illegally boost earnings via unethical Share buybacks- Wall Street’s new game  (Oct 6)

China Embraces Putin & Slaps Obama-Putin gets red carpet-Obama gets nothing (Oct 6)

Oil wars will destroy Saudi Arabia & Russia & China dominate (sept 20)

A Sunni Muslim Researcher illustrates that a large percentage of Muslims favour violence  (Sept 19)

Get ready for massive Rally as Congress supports and bails out thieves, not the common people (Sept 19)

Middle East Wars-From the frying pan into the fire; American stupidity reigns   (Sept 19)

Low-Cost & Convenience Keep Teens Vaping like Vampires  (Aug 11)

Child Survivors from Nepal’s Earthquake Sold as Slaves in Britain (May 2)

Brutal ISIS Militants Kill 250 women for refusing sex (May 1)

German Sexual Violence Skyrocketing Thanks to Merkel (April 30)

ISIS selling young girls as sex slaves to heathens from Saudi Arabia & Turkey. Time for eye for brutal response (April 29)

Time to end the despicable slave trade of Nepalese Children to Britain (April 26)

Cold-blooded Murder; 250 women slaughtered by ISIS for saying no to sex (April 25)

Jordanian King States Terrorists flow to Europe is Erdogan’s Policy (April 16)

Tensions escalating in South China Sea’s (April 16)

GMO banned In 60 countries but not in the US (April 13)

Lying Ted Cruz Supports Monsanto Frankenstein Food (April 12)

Central Bankers sole mission Rob & Cheat the Populace (April 12)

China warned Kerry; sanctions against Russia stupid idea  (April 9)

U.S Blackmailed Europe into Imposing Illegal Sanctions against Russia  (April 9)

China Takes Strong Stance & Bans American GMO Corn (April 9)

US Air Force General Nuts; States F-35 Crap Will Scare Russians (April 8)

Russia’s Syrian War Success Generates Large Orders from International Buyers  (April 8)

Psychological & Chemical Ware Fare Are Gaining Traction (April 6)

The True Puppet masters behind all religions & religious wars (April 5)

Tyrant Erdogan Creating Chaos in Turkey (April 4)

Student Sugar Babies; selling sex to pay for College (April 3)

Are 70% of Trump’s Attendees Women or are these numbers too high? (April 3)

Tyrant Erdogan Creating Chaos in Turkey (April 2)

Gestapo Erdogan backer of ISIS attacks Reporters In U.S. (April 1)

Russia Innocent; Kiev snipers hired by Maidan leaders (March 31)

NATO must be insane. It Surrounds Russia & expects no response (March 30)

Running Scared: Insiders stating Trump big Global Risk (March 28)

Disgraceful; Pope Francis licks & Washes Muslim Immigrants Feet (March 28)

China Corruption crackdown hunts both big Fish & Small flies (March 28)

Hillary Clinton’s sex scandals; the Story Line Worsens  (March 21)

Amazing: Bill Clinton Slam’s Obama’s legacy & indirectly strikes Hillary  (March 21)

Shocking report; Pentagon admits F-35 is Crap (March 20)

World Expert Reveals Drug manufacturers Created high cholesterol Scam. See the video  (March 20)

Dangerous DUO; Immigrants have high Testosterone & Low IQ. Expect more violence & Rapes (March 20)

F-35 program; Garbage & total disaster (March 20)

Low IQ reason most immigrants cannot integrate into Europe  (March 19)

Did Trump expose New World Order Agenda in 2013? (March 19)

Ted eats his boogers and wants to run for president; Has he lost his mind (March 18)

Merkel to Refugees; Money for nothing and chicks for free  (March 17)

Lockheed dreams of Building Mach 6 Warplane while F 35 still a mess (March 17)

Ted Cruz the Serial Liar (March 16)

Chris Wallace Crucifies Lying Cruz (March 16)

Hillary Clinton Career Criminal Exposed  (March 15)

Hillary busted lying 13 minutes Non-Stop  (March 14)

Insane Erdogan Asking for Beating: Putin Happy to oblige   (March 14)

China Adopts Eye for an Eye Strategy against Radical Islam  (March 13)

ISIS equals Israeli Secret service Intelligence (March 12)

Lying Hillary, master criminal & bitch from Hell  (March 11)

Ted Cruz Con Master & Master of Lies  (March 11)

End of US superpower status propels Russia to load up on Gold  (March 10)

Ted Cruz master liar and con master  (March 9)

Refugee Rape Epidemic strikes Sweden

One chart clearly illustrates coming student debt crisis (Feb 7)

Overcome and profit from Market Manipulation (Jan 29)

China’s corruption crackdown targets both big & small officials (Jan 28)

Religious Wars: Denmark & Switzerland seize asylum seekers valuable assets  (Jan 28)

2016 Market Correction not sequel to 2008 crash (Jan 27)

America supported over 35 countries with fascist governments (Jan 18)

America surpasses all nations when it comes to international violence (Jan 18)

America ranks at the bottom of happiest countries in the world (Jan 18)

U.S Ranks Last for health care among 11 industrialised nations (Jan 18)

China rewards moderate Muslims & harshly punishes radicals (Jan 11)

China’s takes no prisoners approach towards radical Islam   (Jan 11)

Germany Welcomes Immigrants & rewarded with Rapes  (Jan 10)

Chinese strike back harshly against radical Islam & Terrorism ( Jan 10)

Europe promoting rape culture & Saudi’s promoting Terror  (Jan 10)

Starving Greek Students trade sex for food  (Dec 31)

76% of Americans can’t survive without monthly paycheck (Dec 31)

Global warming a scam according to scientists (Dec 12)

Clash of Civilisations: Europe’s Far Right Rises   (Nov 30)

Homocysteine controversy & Putin Vows Payback  (Nov 16)

Russia Pummels ISIS & U.S dumb says ex-intelligence Chief

Lavrov Tells Kerry to Stop acting like a skirt wearing woman   (Nov 16)

Downed Su-24 shows U.S treachery & Sweden experiences anti-immigration surge  (Nov 16)

U.S supports Tyrants, Putin winning in Syria & and comedian wins elections (Nov 6)

Russia winning Electronic War & Possible Saudi Coup  (Nov 6)

Russia bombs ISIS, Syrians return home, & deadly Swedish school stabbing  (Nov 6)

Muslim Refugees trashing Germany & Swedes attack Muslim refugees (Nov 3)

U.S funding Syrian Rebels & discussing Muslim Refugees gets Austrian Editor fired (Nov 3)

Putin strikes, Iran Joins and Russia & U.S blunders (Oct 21)

Russia not America’s enemy & nearly 40% not working  (Oct 19)

Putin’s holy war versus Jihadists & Syrian rebels destroyed  (Oct 19)

China threatens U.S & Israel-U.S team up  (Oct 19)

Russia strikes CIA trained Rebels & pregnant immigrant arrested (Oct 3)

Rise of Radical Islam and clock mistook for bomb ( Oct 3)

Refugee Muslims convert in Germany and Chinese Tourist boost Russian economy  (Sept 16)

Denmark Anti-immigrant Ads and U.S. helpless against Russian hardware? (Sept 16)

Putin sticks by Syria and Chechen Terrorists invited to Ukraine (Sept 16)

Arrogant Obama and Muslim Kid arrested for Homemade bomb  (Sept 16)

Chinese flocking to U.S. Real Estate and German Migrant Crisis  (Sept 3)

Ukraine puppet government and Fed claims no more QE  (Sept 3)

Record Corporate Debt and China catches America Off Guard  (August 21)

IRS thieves, Wall Street Gangsters and Cyber gas thieves  (August 20)

Religious wars, Anti-Muslim Europe and Anti-immigrant Swedes  (August 20)

Rotten Whole Foods, Chinese Jump on Gold, Shanghai Woes  (July 18)

Dirty House of Saud, Cry baby Bibi, Insane Fed  (July 18)

State pension funds bankrupt, Auto retirement enrolment, Kerry shouts  (July 18)

Neocons hate Iran Deal; Germans want to lift Russian Sanctions  (July 18)

Turkey, Russian tensions, good for defence industry( June 05)

South China Sea showdown; Racism in Europe ( June 05)

US warns China; Unemployed people in Europe( June 05)

Insane Erdogan, Saudis embarrassed US (May 25)

Micro-apartments; China, Russia seeking their Internet (May 25)

The Fall and Decline of the American Empire (April 23)

Predictions for wild weather, end of multiculturalism & religious wars (April 20)

U.S. backed Coup in Ukraine, China wins, Russia resists and Insane McCain (April 07)

Assertive Russia, Failed F-35 and Snubs at the EU (March 30, 2015)

Misinformation wars intensify (Feb 28, 2015)

Data Manipulation and fake wars (Feb 18, 2015)

Fake ISIS Beheadings? True or false  (Feb 12, 2015)

Monsanto under attack (Jan 31, 2015)

NATO provoking Russia (Jan 31, 2015)

oil wars will destroy Saudi Arabia; Russia and China will dominate 2015  (Jan 13)

CIA Behind Kiev Massacre & Maidan Leaders Hired Kiev Snipers (Jan 13)

Neo-Fascist McCain & Subprime Mortgages make a comeback  (Dec 2014)

China stockpiling cheap oil, Russia winning Cold War and China challenging the US (Dec 2014)

Freedom and Independence Dec 22, 2014

Alternative View Points Dec 21, 2014

The Observer or the Participator

The Cholesterol Hoax Dec 2, 2014 

U.S. Treasury Ponzi game Nov 30, 2014

PUTIN: Russia Stronger Than everybody & Russia goes on Gold buying spree  (Nov 29)

Western media: China Won’t be Asia’s Dominant power (Nov 29)

IRS and Neocon Media Nov 12, 2014

Alternative Viewpoints Nov 1, 2014

Opposing viewpoints  Oct 30, 2014

Opposing viewpoints Oct 30, 2014

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If we all knew everything, then life would indeed be meaningless for it is the mistakes we make and the lessons we learn that give our life meaning and value. Sol Palha