Tactical Investor Proprietary indices;Four indices you won’t find anywhere else in the world

Tactical Investor Proprietary indices; the religious provocation index

For the 1st time in months, this index has decided to slow down the pace at which it advances, however, it has not pulled back yet but in the last 3 months it has only gained 12 points. It is still at a very high level and as such this means that planned and random acts of terror, violence and war will be on the rise. It also now means that we will start to witness increased amounts of hardships caused indirectly by the effects of war or repression; the situation in Zimbabwe and parts of North Africa are very good illustrations of this point.

Adult Index; one of the Tactical Investor Proprietary indices


The Adult index continues to roar to new highs in the last 3 months it tacked on a 125 points moving from 1450 to 1575. As we stated many times before these new highs indicate that society is moving into a zone that we have decide to label as the I am willing to do whatever it takes for money or material gains zone. One can see this with the increase in reality type shows where the individuals are willing to do whatever it takes to get a shot at fame, even indirectly selling themselves in shows such as the bachelor or the bachelorette. The story below quite clearly explains this new trend

A “brothel bus” that detectives said cruised Miami Beach offering lap dances and drinks has taken its last ride, police said on Wednesday. Riders were offered oral sex for $100, according to Miami Beach police who impounded the limousine bus and arrested its operator early on Sunday. The sleek black bus cruised the South Beach neighbourhood popular among tourists and club-goers, offering rides and unlimited drinks for $40. Aboard, undercover detectives said they found a fully stocked bar and several young women who stripped down to reveal G-strings stuffed with cash and offered to perform sex acts. Full Story. More examples of this change in attitude can be found under the news sections; read the story titled entire life sold for 192,000 pounds and single mom selling home and heart on the internet.

Poverty Index

Just like the Adult Index it has been on a tear in the last few months and indeed we stated long ago that these two indices seem to work hand in hand. The sense of feeling broke is going to hit a lot of individuals because for too long they lived a life that was well beyond their means and now that they are forced to live within their means it feels like poverty. Remember if you are used to drinking wine instead of water then if you are suddenly forced to drink tap water instead of bottled water the blow especially the psychological blow is very hard indeed. For many living within their means now is akin to leading a life of hardship.

We wonder how most Americans would react if they had to pay 12.50 plus for a gallon of gas. While this might seem like a terrible joke, the reality is that individuals in Turkey are currently paying this and more for a gallon of gas. When we refer to a gallon we are referring to the American version of the gallon which is 3.89 litres; if we refer to the British version of a gallon which is 5 litres then the figure would be in excess of 15 dollars. The most interesting part is that instead of rioting and crying, individuals there have adapted to this trend. Roughly 80% of all cars driven have engines that are 2 litres or smaller (1600CC to 2000CC); in fact we found the most common engine was the 1600CC engine.

Please continue to live 1-2 standards below your means and put this money aside into long term investments such as Silver bullion or Palladium bullion whenever the opportunity presents itself. By opportunity we mean use any and all strong pull backs to add to your bullion positions.

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