Tactical Investor Proprietary Indices

We have been maintaining of proprietary indices since 2004.  These tactical Investor Indices are unique and only displayed on the Tactical Investor site.  There is no other service or site to our knowledge that maintains such indices. To state that these indices have been accurate would be the understatement of the year. For example the Religious provocation index accurately predicted that the Iraq war would be a failure and that far from being over when then President Bush openly stated to the world that the Iraq war was over, we instead stated that it had only just begun. It predicted that the Afghan war would be a failure and a failure it was. It went on to predict that tensions would rise to the boiling point and in 2006 Israel attacked Hezbollah.  Then we had the Arab spring.  And the list goes on.   We will be adding the other indices to this page shortly. Please note there is always a delay between what we publish and what we send out to our paying subscribers.


Tactical Investor Proprietary Indices

Religious Provocation Index



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