Retirement Crisis; 79% don’t have enough money to retire

Retirement Crisis; 79% don't have enough money to retire

Editor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor

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” Central bankers wanted to put the fear of God into the masses and to a large degree they have succeeded in doing so; the masses are so afraid that they continue to hoard their money and refuse to put into the market.  They have been foolishly assuming that this bull market is going to crash and burn for the past eight years and still they won’t surrender their false beliefs.

Central bankers knew that people would save more and more out of fear initially due to economic uncertainty even though rates were and still are low.  They know that many will continue to remain wary when negative rates hit the US and even when banks start charging them a fee to hold onto their money. People are saving more and more because of uncertainty; they don’t know what the future holds. ”  Negative rates will fuel the biggest Bull Market rally in History

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