Random musings on Global Agenda & Financial Markets 

Random musings on Global Agenda & Financial Markets 

The USA and the West are hoping Russia attacks the smaller NATO Members

As they will not come to their aid, they will use these attacks to strip their citizens of even more rights in the guise of protecting them against Russians or some other terror threat. What happened after 9/11? Has the world become any safer. What happened after the series of terror attacks plagued Europe in 2016; did anything change?  The only thing that changed was the individuals suddenly lost a huge amount of freedom. And with each Terror attack, the governement seizes more and more of of whatever little freedom is left.

Radicals were purposely invited into Europe By European Governments 

The government knew they would unleash chaos on the populace; it was all planned, and none of them is shocked by what’s taking place. The only one’s in a state of shock are the citizens of Europe that have been betrayed by their governments. Soros foundation is actively involved in sponsoring global chaos; they use NGO’s to promote their agenda.  This is why Putin threw Soros out of Russia.

World War 3 has already started it’s called the war on Freedom 

The goal is to strip you of almost all your rights and tell you what to do like a Good robot. People are expecting missiles to rain from the skies. What is happening is that the media is being used to rain down lies and propaganda, and the programming starts at kindergarten. 80% of the millennials are good robots, and if nothing changes, their children will become the perfect bots.

Central bankers control the world’s money supply and thus they control you 

They do not want a war with a nation that can fight back. They want to create the perception of war so that they can enslave more of the population. As you focus on unnecessary crap they will create trillions of new dollars out of thin air; Inflation is a silent, invisible death tax on the populace; 90% of the populace is oblivious to what’s going on.

Odds of a war with Russia; well at this point we think there is a better chance of an Alien landing on earth and saying  “what’s up earthlings” than of a nuclear war between Russia and the USA.

Something for true contrarians to consider

School is a total waste of time and college even more so.  If you are willing to take the chance, homeschool your children. Find out what they are good at and let them focus on that. Teach them to learn from history. Most important of all tell them that extreme panic events (these do not occur often) should be viewed as buying opportunities of a lifetime.  All they need to learn is how to gauge the depth of the fear.  This is not too hard to master as they will have years to practise. If you spend time with them showing them stories of how the masses reacted in 1987, 2000, 2008, etc, they will get a pretty good feel for what’s going on. Their brain will not be tainted as the brains of most adults are and hence they will be able to see these patterns faster. Make sure you limit their television when they are young, and teach them how to use news as a source of entertainment and not something they should take seriously.  Note these are suggestions and not advice; there is a significant difference between the two. It is up to you how you utilise this information.

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