Putin Completely destroys BBC Reporter’s propaganda based question

Putin Completely destroys BBC Reporter’s propaganda based question

Putin is always attacked, and demonized by the Western Media. He is accused of being too aggressive, of starting a new cold war, of invading Crimea, and a host of other crap.  In terms of Crimea, a referendum was held where the majority voted to join with Russia. The referendum took place according to international standards, so the invasion theory has to be abandoned.  This British reporter is not any different; he is dancing to the same broken record  and mouthing of the same crap. He has not even bothered to check the facts, he just spews out whatever crap he is commanded to by his master. Watch how Putin completely destroys the reporter.

The top shadowy players have only one agenda, and that is to control  the masses. They have almost succeeded, but China and especially Russia are standing in their way.  Russia has gone out of its way to challenge the US via the US dollar. It is the only nation that can challenge the US and hope to get away with it, because of its military might. The U.S does not have the guts to take on Russia; Russia is no Libya, Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan.

Why were sanctions applied against Russia? Because Russia dared to challenge the U.S. Putin stated he wanted to sell oil and other resources in Ruble, imagine the chaos if other nations took the same path.  Well, many countries tried to do this before Russia and they were all destroyed. Iraq sought to sell oil in Euro and it was invaded and Saddam was killed. Libya tried to the same, and Gadaffi met with a similar fate. However, we cannot engage Russia in the same way, so we tried to destroy them via the oil market and painful sanctions. The U.S miscalculated, they did not expect China to join the melee. China came in and stated that they would provide Russia with a life line if necessary and they signed one of the biggest energy deals of all time.

Game Plan

Mass psychology informs us that everything is manipulated and controlled.  If the top shadowy players  are willing to manipulate events to such a degree as to kill people to achieve their objectives, then imagine how easy in comparison it is to tell lies, manipulate the data to create whatever scenario they want to support regarding economy grown or lack of it.  All boom and bust cycles are designed in advance; in fact, every period is planned decades in advance.  How can you use this knowledge, well we have devised tools that are open to our paid subscribers that help us spot these patterns in advance of the event? The second option is to join our free newsletter and learn how to use Mass Psychology to help keep you on the right side of the markets and out of harm’s way.

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  • robert lishan

    Putin is definitely someone who speaks the truth. I heard someone looked into his eyes & saw a good soul there. He’s liked by 80% of the public which is impressive if you believe in stats. But someone told me stats lie so I no longer believe in them period. I don’t see much commenting on your articles so I felt bad.
    That Judith is a real keeper & deserves a raise. I’m sending her a bottle of Manischvitz for the holidays if that’s okay.

  • Tactical Investor

    Sad but true, would be nice if our leaders could take the same stance. However, that might be asking for too much. Robert we just enabled the comment feature 2 days ago. Prior to that we did not have the feature. However, we thank you for taking the time to comment. It’s appreciated.

    Re Judith; she is very talented and sometimes we wonder who the boss here really is 🙂

  • gingergeezer

    Hmm.. ‘puts BBC reporter to shame’ – are you absolutely sure about that? Putin’s exhortations are pure entertainment. Even he doesn’t believe the myriad conspiracy theories – his only surprise is that some of his own people actually do. Nastrovia!

    • Kelly Davis VanZile

      So is this what #PutinHimself #ToldYou? #RealisticQuestion & #SortaWannaMoveToRussiaNow…… #IfImForceFedCorruption #FamilyMatters #PutinIsKindaHotRightNow #NeverHillary #NeverTrump

  • Tactical Investor

    In this instance (at least as far as the question in this video goes) I would have to say yes as most of his assertions are true. Compare to the comical statements are leaders made about Iraq, Libya, Syria and in many cases some of the exaggerations he makes (not in this instance) seem like child’s play compared to those of our leaders. One name that comes to mind immediately is McCain