High Rental costs driving population shifts

High Rental costs driving population shifts

Soaring rents are affecting people worldwide and not only in America.  The situation is going from bad to worse in Africa and appears to be almost out of control in London, England. Making matters worse in the U.S is the difficulty most home buyers face in getting approved for a mortgage.  Prior to the crisis, all one had to do was simply scratch their name on the signature line and put down an income they needed in order to get approved for the loan as nothing was verified. However, from checking nothing, the banks have decided to check everything and this has effectively made it impossible for a  large swath of the population to own a home.

The video below illustrates how bad things are in England and with the immigrant crisis set to worsen in the years to come, there appears to be no light at the end of the tunnel for those hoping for lower rental.  The housing crisis will continue to worsen.

Before we continue to the main story, you might find this article worthy of your time; here is a small excerpt to wet your appetite

We are still not convinced that Gold is fully out of the woods.  Peter Schiff is busy telling everyone that it was a bad idea to have sold Gold in 2011, and that it would $2,000 by 2009 and $5000 by 2013.  We beg to differ for the trend indicates otherwise, and so does the price of Gold;  Gold never traded to $2000, let alone $5000 in the stated time frames.   He is coming out with scary scenarios though they are not as grandiose as James Sinclair’s scenario that calls for Gold to move to $50,000 an ounce. Even, when we dream we find it hard to envision such a price, so it is interesting that he can come up with such targets without being under the influence of some strong medicine.  This is nothing but fear mongering, and the markets are ruthless to those who are driven by fear or euphoria.  Gold Bugs think & stop listening to Fear mongers 

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