Get Paid to buy stocks

Get paid to buy stocks; implement a simple but safe strategy for the conservative investor

If you can put in a limit order and purchase a stock, then you can put this strategy to use. It’s even safer than buying stock in our opinion.  When you put in a limit order, you have two options.  If your order is filled you will get in at a significantly lower price, in many instances, you can lower your entry price from 5%-15% lower than where the actual stock is currently trading at. In other words, other investors will pay 5-15% more for the same transaction, and more importantly, this is legal.   So what is this secret strategy…….  You sell puts.  Selling puts if properly implemented is just as safe if not safer than buying the actual stock, with the added benefit of getting paid to purchase a stock. If you order is not filled, you get paid for trying to. What could be better?  You have your cake and your pie.  Implemented properly this strategy can significantly boost your investment returns.

Selling puts the most misunderstood and least used option strategy.  Fixed income players should be using this strategy more often than simply selling covered calls. Covered calls which can be a good strategy if you utilised properly, which in most cases it is not, can also be a good strategy to employ. In this instance, you sell calls on a stock you own.  The benefit is that you get an additional stream of income, the downside is that if the stock trades above the strike price you sold the call at, your stock will be called away.


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