Clinton Monkey Business: IRS Investigates Clinton Foundation

Clinton Monkey Business: IRS Investigates Clinton Foundation

Editor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor

Before we get to the main article we would like to present you with a small video and a brief excerpt of  an article that we think makes for a compelling read:

These excerpts from Past Market updates, reveal how in real time we warned our subscribers that the Naysayers were full of hot air.

Every single one of our gauges is now in the extreme ranges indicating that panic is rampant and that everyone expects the markets to crash, the world to end and all hell to break loose. Let them carry on with these mentally disturbed thoughts, you have better to things to do than listen to a bunch of loony bins spew streams of nonsense. Market Update Feb 17, 2016

Well, the world did not end the markets did not crash, they actually rallied in the face of extreme negativity. The Dow is still not out of the woods, a test of the August lows is expected unless the trend on the SPX suddenly turns positive.The volume of negative articles and manufactured negative data continues to rise, setting the base for the Feds to sell “the prince rescues the poor damsel in distress story”. We use the word Manufactured because no data the government issues can be trusted. Stock Market Bears Smashed Jan & Feb 2016 as Predicted

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