African States Target Muslim Burqas

Muslim Burqas being Banned in Africa; seems they are followign Trumps adviceThe House of Saud is losing on many fronts, it is getting its backside kicked in Yemen by the Houtis, it has lost the proxy war in Syria, America is no longer supporting it as strongly as it did in the past and finally Iran appears set to become the new dominant power in the Middle East with the help of Russia.

Now Saudia Arabia’s  violent brand of Islam is being rejected in more nations especially in Africa as several countries have decided to the ban the ugly black Burqa which is not even a real symbol of Islam but some nonsense the house of Saud came up with. First of all, it is very unsettling to be look at two dark eyes hidden behind a black veil, moreover, when that person is also very a full body covering that is also coloured in black, the effect is far from friendly. Additionally, it provides potential terrorists with the option of going undetected as you cannot really identify any features when someone is fully covered and this appears to be one of the main drivers of the ban on Burqas.

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The house of Saud seems to be on a roll when it comes to stupidity. They have now decided to send troops to Syria. It seems they are just begging for a beating from Russia and Iran. Iran’s generals have already welcomed this effort stating that they will send those troops back in body bags.


When Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was asked earlier this month if burqas should be banned, the billionaire real-estate magnate didn’t hesitate to take sides. “Yes. I’m OK with that,” he told Boston Herald Radio, referring to the restrictive full-body and face veil worn by ultra-austere Muslim women. In the United States and Europe, the debate…

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